About Dr. Kauffman

Dr. & Mrs. Kauffman

Jeffrey D. Kauffman, MD

Dr. Kauffman's practice was deeply rooted in the notion that the human is a whole entity - and when there is dis-ease in one area it is a symptom of dis-ease in the whole. While focusing on the particular area in need, Dr. Kauffman looked to the root cause and aided in a whole healing. When the root cause is abated, not only does the disease subside, but it has no cause to return and wellness is achieved.

Coupled with modern ways from the Western world, Dr. Kauffman drew from ancient traditions of China, India and other places to restore the natural state of homeostsis or balance in health. It is not just freedom from disease he was after, but a bright and vibrant life for all!

Dr. Kauffman had extensive experience in Western medicine and holistic healing, including 30 plus years of experience with acupuncture. He incorporated effective alternative modes of treatment that helped to speed healing and recovery.

Jeffrey Kauffman, MD


UC Berkeley, BA Zoology

UC Irvine Medical School, MD

General Medical Officer in the US Pblic Health Service: Colorado River Indian Tribes Reservation, Parker, AZ

OBGYN Residency at Kaiser Hospital in Oakland, CA

Five Element Acupuncture training under the Master, Dr. J.R. Worsley,

Licentiate, Bachelor & Master Acupuncture

Home Birth Obstetrics, Tahoe City, CA

Certified Meditation teacher; Siddha Yoga Meditation

Trained in Functional Medicine

Certified Instructor in Calm Birth Childbirth Education

Certified as Ayruvedic Physician