Adrenal Burnout
Adrenal Burnout

Jeffrey Kauffman, MDAdrenal burnout is rampant in our society, here in the USA. It is also know as Adrenal Exhaustion, Adrenal Deficiency and, Adrenal Insufficiency. The adrenal glands are little caps that sit on top of the kidneys…picture little mini-turtles, like what kids have in their terrariums. They are vital, ie. You cannot live without your adrenals. You can live without your spleen, without your colon [I wouldn’t want to, mind you], without your legs, your eyes….but you cannot live without your adrenals.

As we age our adrenals wear down and eventually wear out, though not completely or you die. They are the stress glands: when you’re under stress – physical, emotional, or mental – the adrenals fire out, secrete, hormones. The well known ones are cortisol, cortisone, adrenalin, DHEA and there are many others.

These hormones help us deal with the stress by regulating blood sugar, digestion, immune system, thinking, and giving us energy….think “Fight or Flight”. The problem comes with chronic stress: poor family life when you’re young, being bullied in school, problems with relationships, divorce, death in the family, accidents, childbirth the 2nd or 3rd time around, raising the kids, finances, work you don’t like, traffic/commuting 5 days a week, ….ie. modern America. The fact is most of us by age 35, and some before that, have some stage of Adrenal Burnout.

How do you know if you have it? Do you have excess fatigue, poor immune response, lightheadedness, poor memory, neck/back pain, insomnia, lack of concentration, spacy, brain fog, anxiety, depression, hair loss, cravings, irritability, or food allergies? [ring some bells?]

Also one of the most common sources of clinical and subclinical stress is INFECTION, which can keep the body in a state of chronic stress. Like for example, hidden infection/inflammation that comes from sensitivity/ allergy to gluten, found in wheat, rye, and barley. If you’re sensitive to gluten, and about 50% of the

population is, you’ve got chronic stress coming from your GI tract, and this overwhelms the Adrenal Glands. This brings up the BIG FIVE: very common complaints seen in all doctors offices, probably 60-80% of patients complain of [1] fat, [2] fatigue, [3] depression, [4] gastrointestinal complaints, and [5] female hormone problems. 9 times out of 10, this is caused by Adrenal Burnout.

It’s easy to test for this using a saliva test, 4 samples of saliva, morning, noon, late afternoon and evening, ship it off in a kit, fedex, and voila! In 10-14 days we find out if you have Stage 1 or 2 or 3 [mild, moderate, or severe] Adrenal Burnout, or maybe you’re within normal limits;

Then we can kickstart the Adrenals with micro-mini doses of Adrenal supplements over a 3-6 month period and 90% of the time, you feel much, much better. Add to this Life Style Modification [better diet, eating habits, relaxation, exercise, meditation, yoga, sleep habits……eliminating bad habits, vices [which is much easier when Adrenals are working better]…..and you’ve got a winning, healing combination. Call our clinic and get a consult.